New WIFI Smart Plug Smart Switch Socket

by zapple
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Wifi Smart Plug Wireless Smart Switch Socket

With this smart WiFi plug at your disposal, you’ll never have to worry again about overcharging your electronics. Thanks to its WiFi and App support, this smart home accessory can be accessed through your iOS or Android smartphone. From now on, you’ll always be able to enable and disable the power supply to electronics at home even when you’re not around. Simply install the dedicated mobile application, and you’re all set to go. The WiFi socket itself has been crafted out of durable and flame retardant ABS material thank to which it offers safe usage.This smart WiFi socket comes with an EU plug. It features a compact and stylish design, making it suitable to be used in any household without causing a disturbance to the eye. From now on, you’ll be able to keep your laptop or tablet charging while you’re heading out and simply stop the power supply once your gizmo is fully charged. This takes away any potential fire risks as well as the risk of overcharging your device.Simply connect it to your WiFi network and download the App. After this, you’ll be all set to enable and disable the power supply to your electronics without you needing to be physically there. Not only does this bring along great efficiency, it also significantly increases the safety of your household and prolongs the battery life of your electronics by preventing overcharging.

  •  Smart WIFI socket.
  •  Rated current: 10A
  •  Output voltage: AC110-240V
  •  Rated power: 2200W
  •  Standard of wireless: 802.11.b/g/n
  •  Type of wireless: WI-FI-2.4GHz
  •  Shell material: ABS

Easy Setup :

  •  Inset the Power Plug to wall plug . Open the app press the top right
  •  Choose " Set-up Device Wifi connection "
  •  Blue Led Light "Solid Blue Live"====connected
  • Application : i smart plug. Control the power supply to your electronics from afar.Compatible through mobile App with iOS and Android phones.Easy to use plug and play design



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