Michelin Hi Power Tyre Inflator And Detachable Digital Gauge 4388ML

by zapple
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. Digital pressure gauge
. Power Cable Length : 10 Feet
. Easy to use
. Easy storage
. Saves time and money
. Compact and lightweight
. Voltage 12 Volts
This is a compact and lightweight 12 volt compressor and tyre inflator that can be neatly and safely stored in the boot of your vehicle. It makes a great emergency back-up for those tricky and unfortunate situations that occasionally occur. A simple-to-apply attachment fits to the tyre valve and an extendable hoseline wraps around the unit for tidy and neat storage. Beyond this, it can also be used for airbeds, footballs, bicycle wheels, and thousands of other applications. Also has a large and clear digital read-out dial so you know when you’re at the right pressure. There’s also a simple on/off switch on the top of the unit.
1 x Michelin Hi-Power Tyre Inflator and Detachable Digital Gauge 4388ML
1 x fuse
1 x user manual

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