Michelin 5274 ML Car 8L Refrigerator Hot And Cold Ice Freezer


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Product Title : Michelin Michelin Car case being ( 8L ) Can ice Good low temperature effect

Volume : 8L
Nominal power : 96 W
Nominal input voltage : 12 V
Built-in fuse cigar : 12A
Heating temperature : 60-70
Cooling temperature: Ambient temperature difference 282
Product size : 442 × 226 × 275mm
Product weight : 3160g
Power cable length : 2 meters


1, Patented heating and cooling only can ice box, ice box included
2, Smart button / Cooling / Heating button
3, LED light shows the working status of the cold and hot box, green LED the cooling state; indicator: red LED to produce Heat status indicator
4, Digital thermometer, display environment inside the refrigerator
5, This product has memory function, by default for the last state to use next time

We suggest:

- Before food or drink in the Best frozen or preheating, so you can achieve more satisfactory results

The next time, in the socket of the lighter it will be by default to the last state;
Before switching heating or cooling system is connected to the cooling to heat, at least disconnect the power 30 minutes before continuing

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