Beats by Dr. Dre TM-006 Headphones

by zapple
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Beats by Dr. Dre TM-006 Headphones 

The Beats Acoustic Engine? makes your listening experience intimate, personal, and real. Our signature DSP software is designed to generate the emotional experience that Dr. Dre, Jimmy Lovine, and some of the music industry?s greatest rock, hip-hop, pop, electronic, and R&B producers want you to feel. This is how music would sound if the artist could play it back for you in person.

Silence the noise from your daily commute or the drama from your loud neighbors with our no-compromise dual-mode Adaptive Noise Canceling (ANC). When you?re listening to music, ANC automatically strikes a balance between your music and the world outside. If you only want to use the headphone to cancel external noise, ANC only mode automatically increases the level of noise cancellation, for a quieter world.

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