The Gratitude Package

by zapple
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Inside the introductory Pre Launch box,We have well Thought Out,Exciting goodies for you .This Box is a Taster for what quality to expect from our 2018 bi monthly themed Mystery Boxes. Each box will cater to your whims of
1. Art 2. Beauty 3. Accessories 4. Indulgence 5. Wellness
Organic Herbal Tea
Enjoy your Fix of herbal tea,Packing a new Flavour and a plethora of benefits .Each pack that we have added to our Boxes has a generous 20 servings
- Aloe Foot Mask
Korean Beauty staple,it contains aloe extracts to repair and moisturize callous,dry skin
- Laser Cut Tea Coasters By Little Things in Life
Own and Marvel at the beauty that this pair of Tea coasters is , Creatively tackling both form n Function Principles of aesthetic art another local artisan @ little things in life by zee has outdone herself in bringing to you an art piece you will cherish
- Scented Candle
Burning Hours 20-25
Indulge and relax With our otia scented candle , Handcrafted to compliment of gratitude theme ,by the exceptionally talented local artisan Naheed t.mooraj of candle works Pakistan
-I'm Grateful Mini Journal By Live Life Consciously

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