Kitchen Spice Containers - Multicolor

by zapple
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SKU ZPOrg002-29

Spice Containers Jenjoy
Magic Flexible Sticker
Size 32.2 x 16.5 x 11.2 cm
Style : Contemporary
Finish : Chromed Metal + SEBS + PC
Avoid Direct Sunlight, Keep Away From High Temperature And Fire When Use The Product. * Do Not Place The Product In Children Accessible Area To Avoid Injury * Removable:Unique magic sticker makes the holder removable, leaving No TRACE. * Reusable:Wash and dry the sticker if any dirty, then you can enjoy repeated use. * Flexible:Suitable for smooth surface,such as tile, glass, paint, stainless steel, cement and latex wall paint, plastic acrylic etc. * Convenient:3 second DIY install, no nail or drilling needed. * Easy Installation Instructions Provided on Box. * After Installation,Latex Paint Wall or Wallpaper Installation Surface May be Damaged,Please Carefully Consider Weather You Want to Install The Product on That Wall * The Product suitable in Temperature -20C to 45C * The Magic Sticker Cannot be Bent , Otherwise it Cannot be Normal use. * If Made Incorrect Installation,Please Dismantle Within Half an Hour.

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