Compact Multi-Purpose Storage Rack - Silver

by zapple
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SKU ZPOrg001-13

Compact Multi-Purpose Storage Rack
Material: Stainless Steel
Good Quality Material
Product Size: 48.5 x 26 x 65 cm
To keep your home or office clutter-free, easy home brings you this wonderful multipurpose rack. This rack is a perfect solution for neat and tidy bedroom, bathroom or kitchen spaces. This rack looks very elegant and is perfect for modern settings. You can keep your belongings neatly on this rack and your room will look very tidy and organized. This rack is a perfect combination of functionality and durability and makes for a useful addition to your home. At easy home we understand the requirements of our clients and ensure them to get the best products available with inspiring designs and innovative technologies.The rack is made of stainless steel and plastic which makes it durable and long-lasting.Compact Multi-Purpose Storage Rack is Suitable for all kind of places,like Kitchen Bathroom and ETC.

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