Coat Hat Hook With Magic Sticker

by zapple
Sold out
SKU ZPOrg002-09

Washable Repeat Stick
Size : 26.5 x 17 x 6 cm
Max Load : 5 Kg
Avoid Direct Sunlight, Keep Away From High Temperature And Fire When Use The Product.
Removable:Unique magic sticker makes the holder removable, leaving
Reusable:Wash and dry the sticker if any dirty, then you can enjoy repeated use.
Flexible:Suitable for smooth surface,such as tile, glass, paint, stainless steel, cement and latex wall paint, plastic acrylic etc.
Convenient:3 second DIY install, no nail or drilling needed.
Easy Installation Instructions Provided on Box.
After Installation,Latex Paint Wall or Wallpaper Installation Surface May be Damaged,Please Carefully Consider Weather You Want to Install The Product on That Wall
The Product suitable in Temperature -20C to 45C
The Magic Sticker Cannot be Bent , Otherwise it Cannot be Normal use.
If Made Incorrect Installation,Please Dismantle Within Half an Hour
Finish : Chrome Metal + SEBS + PC

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