8 Colors Waterproof LED Lighting Kit for Cars With Sound Active Function Remote Control


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  • 8 Solid Colors Include Blue, Cyan, Green, Red, White, Orange, Purple & Yellow
  • LED type: 5050 SMD; Numbers of LED: 72pcs (4 Tube, 18 LEDs per tube); Fits all Cars with DC 12V power
  • Control mode: 4 music control mode, 8 solid color control, brightness control, ON/OFF, 2 jump mode control, 2 fade mode control
  • Material: High quality PVC Rubber. Easy to use. Just assemble the strip light first, then peel the back 3M double-sided tape and apply it underneath
  • the headlights or under the bumper. It's that simple!
  • Please remove the battery cover before using the remote, the remote should point to the box with the receiver


Voltage: DC 12V 10A
8 solid LED lights Color: Red, Green, Blue, White, Orange, Yellow, Cyan, Purple
Modes: 4 color changing modes and 4 sound-activated color changing modes
Numbers of LED: 72 (18 x4)
LED type: 5050 SMD
Remote Keys: 20

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