18" Heavy-Duty BBQ Grill Brush with Sturdy Metal Bristles and Steel Scraper

by zapple
Save 31%
  • TWO ESSENTIAL BBQ TOOLS IN ONE This handy design includes two essential grill tools! Scrape and then brush to remove burned on grime with ease
  • HEAVY-DUTY MATERIALS Wire bristles and metal scraper make this grill brush more effective than other barbecue tools on the market
  • EXTRA LONG HANDLE Barbecue grill brush measures 18 inches overall, keeping you safely away from the heat of the grill
  • USE WITHOUT WORRY Our BBQ grill brush is tough on grime but gentle on the grates, so it can be used on any grill without scratching or damaging
  • ALWAYS WITHIN REACH A hole is already punched in the handle, so you can hang your grill brush right on the grill or on a hook along the wall right where you need it

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