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Zapple Is Here To Save The Day

Amidst the fast and vast spread of the virus, smart lockdown, economy fall, and an increase in the inflation rate, it really is a trying time for all of us. With shops and malls closing down earlier than usual and the hesitance to go out in order to protect yourself and those around you and the need to practice social distancing can prove to make shopping difficult. But worry not! Zapple.pk is here to save the day!

An ample amount of options and great prices? what more could you ask for! Doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for everyday essentials, for upcoming events and occasions, for your little ones or whether extreme boredom led you on an impulse shopping spree, Zapple has you covered.

Here’s what we offer:


A wide range of electronics, varying from mobile and laptop accessories such as power banks, phone covers, and earphones to projectors, security cameras, lamps, and a lot more, we have everything!

Camping and hiking

Who says social distancing has to be boring? get your family together and go out for a hike out in the woods and end your day off with a delicious barbeque! Or even better, pack your bags, head over to a camping site, spend a couple of days in nature and get your much-needed dose of refreshment! But wait… you don’t have the supplies? Well, there’s no need to worry! Head over to our site and order high-quality products such as barbeque grills, camping tents along with other camping accessories to make your trip absolutely worth it!

Health and beauty

A one-stop-shop for all makeup lovers and gym freaks! Our fitness and makeup products delivered at your doorstep will surely leave you satisfied and coming back for more! With Zapple, you don’t have to worry about the originality of the products as we pride ourselves to sell the best of the best!

Women’s fashion

Eid being just around the corner must be a frustrating time for some women out there. Want to shop for eid but don’t want to go out? We are the solution to your problem! we offer a wide range of exquisite clothes, jewelry, and bags!

Home and living

With a bit more free time on your hands due to the smart lockdown, you may find yourself looking more closely at your house and the things it might be lacking. With zapple, you can check many things off of that list, for instance:

  1. Décor items such as clocks
  2. Bathroom products such as towel and toothbrush holders
  3. Kitchen goods such as spice containers, cutlery, and tools.
  4. Cleaning kits

If you have extremely messy, unorganized, and overly full wardrobes and storerooms and are just tired of seeing the mess in your house/room and want to utilize this extra free time to reorganize everything, we’ve got you covered. We offer a large range of organizing and storage products like movable wardrobes, organizing bags. stands and whatnot!

Bags and travel

Vacationing and unnecessary travels may be out of the picture right now, but it won't stay that way forever! Be prepared for better times, with our top-notch traveling products that include; luggage bags, laptops bags, etc.

Kids section

Have your kids been bugging you for new toys but you just don’t have the time to go out for them? We have some good news for you! Our ‘kids section’ is every child and parent’s dream. Zapple doesn't only satisfy the children with remote control toys, squishes, etc but also the parents with our numerous educational boards and toys!


For some people, cars are just a way of commute, but for those that have a passion for cars and are looking for ways to upgrade it, maintain it and protect it, the solution is only a website away. with items such as interior and exterior care products, car covers, brake pads, lighting assemblies, and much more, you won't have to look anywhere else!

Above is just a summarized version of what we’ve got to offer. What's even better? We’re constantly growing and adding more and more products! Our motto is ‘’we show, we commit, we deliver’’ this means that by ordering from us you don’t have to worry about the quality of the products or wonder whether they’ll be delivered on time or not! From packaging and delivery, we keep you in the loop, updating you on the progress.  even better, you can also track your order!

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