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Everything to make your house a home

If you’ve moved to a new house lately, or if with some spare time on your hands with the ongoing smart lockdown, you want to renovate your house once again and make it feel more like a home with your personal style infused in it, Zapple is the way to go.

We offer an amazing, always increasing, a huge variety of products for the different nooks and crannies of your house. They are elegant, classy, and always up to date all the while being easy on your pockets! Below is a list of some of the household objects and products from our ‘’Home and living’’ section.

Bath products

From basic toilet paper holders and towel holders in different sizes to high tech motion sensor soap dispensers, we’ve got everything for you to upgrade your bathroom.  It gets even better when you see the wall-mounted toothbrush holders and the colorful suction cup tray holders that are not only perfect for your child’s bathroom but also classy enough to be in yours!

Kitchen products

keeping in mind that the kitchen is the most used room of the house, it is only fair that you spend a lot of time cleaning, organizing, and upgrading it every now and then.  Zapple introduces you to new everyday objects such as a ‘Stainless steel folding drain leachate rack’’ and other basic kitchen items such as organizing containers, spice racks, and knife sets to make your kitchen experience even better. Don’t keep your kitchen waiting and click here Kitchen

Cleaning products

Get your cleaning tasks done. with the help of products here at Zapple, we guarantee that you’ll not only be satisfied but also enjoy doing them!. We have cleaning and maintaining products for cars such as our ‘’soft and hard wax polish’’ that are universal for all car types. And we also offer cleaning sets for the inside of your house whether that’s the bathroom, kitchen, or living space.

Here’s the link:

Cleaner & kits

Organizing products

Having trouble organizing your closets? Are you tired of all the mess around the house just because you don’t have enough storage? Well, worry not, go onto our ‘’home and living’’ section storage organization where you'll find everything from storage containers to movable organizing cabinets.


When it comes to security, there should never be any compromise. Zapple provides you with outdoor and indoor cameras for your houses’ security, book safes to protect your valued documents and even baby monitors to keep an eye on your little one while you work!


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