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A one-stop-shop for hair and face


Zapple is here to support the idea of self-grooming and care by providing you with everything you might need. Having trouble with hair fall or managing your hair colour? we’ve got the solution! The girls are over for a sleepover? well, nothing is better than catching up on all the gossip with facemasks on! Feeling insecure because of that acne on your face? No more! Zapple has you covered!

Be happy and be confident, because, with Zapple by your side, there’s no room for negativity!

Skincare for women

With Zapple, give your skin a second chance. Get the glow up you’ve been waiting for! Over here at zapple.pk we offer a wide range of high-quality skincare products ranging from facewashes to day & night creams to tissue masks and even sunscreen to help protect you from the harsh rays of the sun during these really hot months.

The company whose products we offer is a well-known brand- Garnier by L’Oréal Paris. At Zapple, you'll find original products with amazing quality and even better price points! With our ever-growing list of products, people with all skin types are bound to find something that works great for them.

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Garnier skincare

Skincare for men

When it comes to men, skincare is no easy task. Some don’t know anything about it and most couldn’t care less. However, its high time to step up your game boys!

At Zapple, you’ll find an ample amount of skin products by Garnier to help you fight off that extra oily skin, get rid of acne, and just have a smoother, clearer, and cleaner skin! Click here; Garnier for men to solve your ‘’where to get it from the’’ problem and browse through our numerous products to find the answer for your ‘’what to get’’ question. 

Makeup items

when it comes to makeup, no amount of products is ever enough, am I right ladies? But who says that you can’t hoard on a budget! Find high quality and original Maybelline makeup products here at Zapple. we have everything, from primers and foundation to lipsticks and lip balms! The best part? it’s all extremely affordable? Don’t believe us? Have a look at it yourself! 

Maybelline make up


Maintaining hair is no easy work. It takes a lot of patience to grow out of your hair and then to deal with all the problems? That’s way too much on a plate! But worry not, once again Zapple can be the solution to your problem. we offer you a huge collection of the best of the best products by L’Oréal Paris. damaged hair has been bugging you? We’ve got you. Need help growing it out, we’ve got you. need to spice up your style this Eid with new hair color? That’s right! We got you!

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