Eye Mask Boto Mask Against 8 Signs of Skin Ageing

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Eye Mask Boto Mask Against 8 Signs of Skin Ageing
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Product Description

Eye Mask BOTO mask for the Eyes Area Against 8 signs of skin ageing

EFFECT:Fight 8 signs of skin ageing :

1.smooths the deeepest mimic wrinkles due to the miorelaxant effect. 

2.tightens skin restoreing firmness.

3. smoothes skin surface.

4. Eliminates dark circles 

5. gives the skin a healthy glow and younthful energy 

6. reduce puffiness 

7. Eliminates wrinkles and "crow"s feet 

8. Moisturizies intensely.

Ingredients: hot runing water ,petide complex,collagen , elastin , glycerin,caviar,wrinkle-removing cream,hyaluronic acid, propilparabe , metilparaben.

Directions: put the mask on careful cleaned skin 15 minutes,then remove the mask and rinse your face with water.

Period: For best resluts apply daily during 6 days ,then 1-2 mask per week.

BOTOSERUM For the Eyes face Against 8 signs of skin ageing

Effect:has a powerful anti-ageing action and increases the effect of the BOTOmask by prolonging it ,The uniqueness of the BOTOserum is its ability to instantly smooth out wrinkles.having a miorelaxant effect . highly active anti-ageing components penetrate to deep skin layers and fight the 8 signs of ageing in skin ,having a prolonged and intense moisturizing and nourishing effect.

Ingredients: Peptide complex ,hyaluronic acid ,aloe extract ,gliadin.

Application : After use of botomask apply botoserum ,depending on the death and quality of wrinkles ,use BOTOserum more frequently if required.

Warmings: For external use only ,Aviod use in case you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in the preparation .Discountinue use it if signs of irritation appear,contact a doctor.


  Eye Mask Boto Mask  Against 8 Signs of Skin Ageing

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