Pack of 6 Flying Sky Lanterns

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Pack of 6 Flying Sky Lanterns
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Pack of  6  Lanterns Rs 600/-
Pack of 12 Lanterns Price: Rs 1000/-
Pack of 24 Lanterns Price: Rs 1800/- 

Operation instruction:

1st step: Unfold the flying lanterns and writ your whish on it carefully with sincerity.

2nd step: Fill the flying lanterns with air and fasten the solid fuel block into the wire frame.

3rd step: One person lifts the top of the flying lanterns; another person lights 

up the four angle of the wax  block.

4th step: Let off the flying lanterns once there is enough air and a rising force is felt.

Please note that it takes 1~2 minutes for the lantern to accumulate an enough force 

Size 35cm*50cm*87cm(14inch)

Flight height: up to 1000m (approx)

Duration: 10-12 min (approx)

containing accessories: Solid fuel one

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