Toy Story: A mind-set

2017/02/13 0 comments Zappy
There always seems to be a tendency to scoff at things that you grow out of, whether they are old clothes of a style gone bust, old gadgets of a technology long obsolete or even old photos of earlier times which just do not appeal anymore. While it is human nature to ?move on?, there is always something important in recognizing the things that help one develop or grow whether the applicability remains or not.

Something that has intentionally been left out in the examples above, being probably the greatest example of things that quickly lose importance for most people beyond a certain age is Toys. Toys are quite a mercurial ?investment? for those thinking strictly in economic terms because their usefulness is short lived and can often feel like a waste of money just to satisfy your children?s whims and fancies, although what truly gets lost in all this I feel is the importance of those toys from a child?s perspective.

From a more localized view-point, Pakistan seems to be following a different trend to the overall global market when it comes to toys and children?s products. As the developed world experiences shrinkage in the toys and children?s accessories market, we remain relatively unaffected as imports of such products are on the rise. The trend of buying toys and children?s products online has further given rise to an increase in imports as local toys and children?s products production is relatively negligible.

While great research has been undertaken on how the right kind of toys and recreational products can help with the emotional and physical development of a child, however from a more qualitative perspective the kind of toys and learning material also needs to be catered towards the individual child?s innate personality and natural leanings. For example, certain children respond well to learning material (books, puzzles, encyclopedias etc.) while others respond well to action figures, play-sets, build-able toys and so on. Not to further add fuel to the ever raging ?Nature vs. Nurture? debate, but ultimately these differences in choice are either acted upon by parents/guardians in order to understand what a child responds to or it revolves around how they would like to ?develop? their children.

When you think of the pure joy and happiness that is evident on a child?s face while receiving their ?favorite? toy or by playing with it is the strongest indicator of what is the most effective way to teach through those toys rather than just letting things ?take their course? or imposing ones will simply because it would be easy to. Regardless of what the most ?effective? toy is, the question here must be of how to cater your teachings around what a child prefers rather than what is preferred for them.

While toys are and will always be an excellent source of excitement and learning for children, it is imperative that those around them that are responsible for their well-being recognize how from the earliest of ages a child?s individuality is to be celebrated rather than molded. When making the decision next time on what toys to buy or what learning material to focus on, making an informed decision by firstly taking their interests in mind might enable for a more rewarding experience for everyone involved in the longer term. 
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