Top 5 Must Have Car Accessories

2017/02/16 0 comments Zappy
A love for cars is arguably one of the oldest and most passionate relationships that can be observed for mechanical or technology related goods in the modern era. While like any cult follower, car lovers come in various shapes, sizes, intensities and car types however the one commonality that they all have is a self-professed love for identifying themselves as motor-heads. When there?s a passion for something there are usually purchases involved in order to satisfy that passion.

The following products are our picks for the top 5 must have car accessories for any car lover:-


Car exteriors are a common place for most auto-enthusiasts to start because of the immediate look and feel element to exterior customization's such as:-

? Up-sized tires & Alloy Wheels: Larger tires and stylish alloy wheels are a great addition for any vehicle type as long as they complement the car?s design and shape. Up-sized tires and classy alloy wheels not only enhance a cars look but also add great functional appeal in terms of improving traction, pick up speed, reduce friction and improve general maneuverability.

? Parking sensors: Sensors are an important upgrade if one considers a localized approach. Parking assistance can be an important aid on the roads in Pakistan and parking sensors provide an easy to follow and effective audio-visual aid which can prove vital in avoiding scratches, dents and scrapes on your car exterior.

? Xenon Headlights: Usage is very important for this accessory, however when used correctly it can solve a prevalent hindrance while travelling in Pakistan. Xenon head-lights are an excellent visual aid due to their higher intensity light when compared to halogen or even LED lights. Unfortunately inadequate street lighting in many areas, deteriorating stock lights or both can make navigating at night especially dangerous. Xenon headlights not only increase your field of view significantly but also emit a less glaring lights that focus on concentrating light rather than spreading it haphazardly, making them more energy efficient as well.


After improving your vehicle?s exterior aesthetics, most people move towards refining the cars? interior:-

? Air Freshener/Purifier: Travelling in a car is a sensory experience and spending long hours in a car daily or years of use can make a car lose its freshness. Air fresheners or scented car humidifiers can immediately freshen up any cars interior, making for a consistently pleasant travelling experience provided that periodic care is taken to replace and replenish the air freshening apparatus.

? Electric Car Back Massager: A lot of people are taking to the concept of physiotherapy while travelling therefore Electric Car Back Massagers are becoming a must have for people with back problems, stiff muscles or for those simply craving relaxation. Online shopping retailers are offering economical options to help remedy these problems by offering back massagers equipped with lumbar support and adjustable vibration options that cater to individual preferences.

Ultimately the right car customization's while being an added expenditure not only enhance the design elements of your vehicle but also add an important functional appeal as well. It is always advisable to properly assess your cars requirements in combination with your preferences to find the right mix of customization's for your most prized possession. 
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