Top 3 Movies For Action Lovers

2017/03/01 0 comments Zappy

Most people like to rely on rating websites such as Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB for their dose of movie or TV show guidance up to the point where individual opinion is completely swayed by how these sites are rating various movies and shows.

While movies have evolved with how times and the viewing audiences have changed, certain movies will always stand out as time-stamps of cinematic excellence still appreciable today.

From the perspective of an action movie buff, here are my top 3 picks of the best action movies of all time:-

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

No list of the greatest action movies is ever complete without arguably cinema?s most instantly recognizable cyborg making an appearance. Released in 1991, one might be forgiven for believing the visuals to seem a touch dated, however in this post Avatar world where stunning visuals are a necessary prerequisite for even the most sub-par films, Judgment Day still holds its own as a story-telling and visual masterpiece. James Cameron?s time-less action/sci-fi thriller still succeeds in embroiling most viewers whether they be repeat viewers seeking a bit of nostalgia or younger millennials about to experience this thrill a minute ride for the first time.

The Matrix

Taking a trip ?down the rabbit hole..? is always an enjoyable experience and one mustn?t blame themselves if they don?t immediately ?get the movie? since it took most people a few views to try and fully grasp what The Wachowski brothers have created. The Matrix is an era defining movie and that is further validated by how many times iconic scenes from it have been recreated (mostly to comical effect) in various movies, on TV, internet videos, memes... you get the point. In case for some reason you haven?t already seen The Matrix, load it up on your TV or preferably a home projector system for a well-deserved full cinematic experience and enjoy this story-telling and visual gem. Released in 1999, it is still considered by many (including myself) as one of the greatest movies of all time.

The Dark Knight

Heath Ledgers final curtain call is a true masterpiece. Batman movies through the years have always been known to follow the interpretations of whoever was directing the movie ranging from depressingly dark to laughable and childish (think Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher). Christopher Nolan?s gritty and realistic take on the caped crusader is right on the money in terms of casting, enthralling story-telling, engrossing characters, plot-twists and of course The Joker. While the jury may still be out on Jared Leto and rightly so, Heath Ledgers anarchist interpretation of the most iconic comic book super villain is nothing short of legendary. It is observable that for many people there is a split between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Returns as the best movie from the series. Personally, The Dark Knight takes precedence for me simply due to the fact that it takes the most storied battle within the Batman universe and beautifully translates it in real-world terms to create a piece of cinematic genius to be admired for years to come.

Ultimately enjoying a great movie doesn?t require much, a laptop and a pair of headphones usually suffice in providing a decent experience. However for those looking to be absorbed in the cinematic greatness of films such as the aforementioned ones, having the right equipment elevates the overall experience to another level. Buying a home theater system is obviously not everyone?s cup of tea but alternatively simply projecting the movie through a home movie projector or mini-LED system can provide an inexpensively immersive experience in line with how the filmmakers intended for their work to be experienced.

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