Top 3 Fitness Equipment for a Full Body Workout at Home

2017/02/23 0 comments Zappy

In a world seemingly becoming more and more concerned with physical fitness and staying in shape, the evolution in wanting to stay healthy and looking good has become very evident within the way we plan, consume and structure our lives around some sort of a fitness routine. This has had an obvious effect on our buying patterns and further streamlined our search for the best fitness aids that suit our needs without having to hit the gym.

The following are our top 3 picks of the best fitness aids & equipment for the smartest full body work-out at home:-


Dumbbells are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment, and especially those with adjustable weights only add to that versatility. For those starting a new workout regimen, dumbbells are a great tool for weight training and adding muscle definition through expanding and contracting muscles with various exercises all over the body. Increasing reps, changing up exercises and mixing up routines allow you to vary your workouts and continue to challenge yourself as you get stronger.

Push-up Bars

Working out using push-up bars is perhaps one of the most innovative ways to ensure that your upper body receives a proper workout without any unnecessary burn-out while focusing on your core strength with each passing day. These exercises are simple and time efficient to perform and can be done from practically anywhere. Moreover, the wrists undergo a lot of stress when your hands are flat on the floor and pushing through set after set. Push-up bars can help to reduce the discomfort and pain that often results from that position. There is a concept of minimum to no-equipment exercise that seems to have caught on recently due to its seemingly effective nature and push-up bars are one current innovation in physical fitness that helps support that theory.


The greater the genuine utility of any exercise equipment the better it is and keeping this in mind a relatively new innovation is available that offers a full body workout known as ?Revoflex?. Revoflex offers an intense, lightweight and easy to follow abdominal training routine that focuses primarily on the core, arms and leg strength among other areas. A simple five minute routine on a daily basis along with the right diet can lead to a balanced daily routine with effective results. Revoflex offers a great variety of exercises ranging from abdominal muscles, back muscles, arm muscles, shoulder muscles, thigh muscles and more. For those craving an all in one solution for a reasonable full body work-out can expect to see solid results over time with this piece of equipment.

While it goes without saying that dedication is vital for getting results, finding a positive environment to complement your fitness equipment is always a plus and there?s no place like home to find the best setting to channel that energy.

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