Summer Home Decor Trends for Millennials

2017/03/22 0 comments Zappy

Summer is almost upon us and with every changing season come new trends for home decor and interior design that complement the changing preferences and tastes of people. As most millennials would adhere to the ?let?s try something new? attitude even the most subtle and tasteful changes can make any space stand out. Every passing season new design elements, technologies that catch on, the climate, new fashions being marketed by designers and new furniture items entering the market are just some of the major factors that drive home decor trends and styles for the ever changing and adapting Generation Y.

Here are our recommendations for the latest home decor trends In Pakistan for millennials this summer:- 

Room lighting

While warm lighting is usually a winner when it comes to setting the mood, newer trends in room lights and designs are catching on. Acrylic lamps and lights are fast becoming the ?IT? thing when it comes to making your space chic and setting an ambiance. Placing a quirky acrylic lamp on your side table not only gives your space a chic look but also enables the user to create a 3D effect by simply turning off all other lights at night. While the real thing is always great, many people cannot stand the smell of burning wax therefore an innovative but simple technology of using electronic LED candles is catching on. The look and feel of these is not only visually pleasing but completely safe in terms of both there being no risk of fire and no emissions of noxious fumes.

Room accessories

While millennials love watching their favorite shows, movies and playing their favorite video games, there?s just an added perk to doing that on their favorite couch, sofa or bed. Sitting arrangements are vital to a great ambiance and newer trends that make comfortable seating affordable are taking hold. While having a lazy boy or leather sofa is great, if you?re looking for something a little more affordable then inflatable sofas and footrests are the new thing to enjoy. Easy to inflate and maintain they offer a comfortable and spacious seating option and are easy to move around from room to room.  To further add more functional and aesthetic appeal, stylish shoe racks are also fast becoming a hot selling item. Not only do they help avoid an unappealing pile up of your shoes in the room but also make for a nice little addition to the entrance area of your space or outside the room.

While many millennials enjoy a minimalist approach to design with the ?less is more? philosophy, newer styles, designs, accessories and furniture are always coming up to help you stay ahead of the curve. It is important to always consider both functional and visual aspects before making any purchase and adopting the same principle for home decor is vital to making your space the one to watch!

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