Best Camping Equipment for Summer in Pakistan

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With Summer fast approaching, that time of the year is also upon us when people like to take to the great outdoors in order to enjoy the serene, simple beauty of the great many sights that Pakistan has to offer. Camping up north, participating in hunting trips or visits to outdoorsy hill stations requires the right equipment to make the experience as rewarding as possible. To ensure that the proper equipment is available, correct decisions are necessary as to what activities to engage in while there in accordance with which region is chosen. Whether it be a camping/skiing trip to Naltar Valley, A hiking trip to Gilgit or a visit to the Khunjerab Pass while setting up camps all the way to the mountain pass, are just some of the many amazing experiences to be had.

In line with the great local and international interest in visiting some of these places, here are our top picks for the most essential items to carry with you on your next camping trip.

Camping Tents

Camping in a traditional or parachute material camping tent (size varying by occupants), is widely recognized as the most common and reliable solutions to setting up base. Firstly, the primary benefit is the cost. Tents come in all different sizes, shapes, and styles, as well as prices. Secondly and more importantly the benefits to going camping in a traditional camping tent is the experience. Camping tents are similar to tarps (tarpaulin) and that helps in preventing leakages and avoiding dampness from entering the interior. They give you protection from the outdoors, but they still leave you feeling as if you are camping in the open night. If you are an outdoor lover or if you are truly looking to get the ?camping feel,? you may want to think about camping in a traditional camping tent.


One of the great aesthetic appeals to the northern landscape of Pakistan is the beauty to be witnessed at great distances whether in their entirety as a collective sight or close up to further examine objects in depth. To view up close and personal, having a good set of binoculars is vital to not miss out on the greatest sights to behold. Whether it be a rare sighting of a wild animal, the great variety of bird species to watch or the mapping out of distances to further plan your trip, binoculars are an essential companion. 

Portable Air Mattresses

Settling into a traditional tent is great to get the experience going, however spending a few days in a tent requires sturdy sleeping apparatus and choosing the right solution is important to ensure your vital rest in not compromised. Carrying a Portable Air Mattress is a very efficient and effective way to make a bed in any camping spot. The portability of carrying the case around allows for easy mobility and being inflatable it can be readied when needed. A heavier bed is recommended by experts and seasoned campers because the thicker more comfortable the material, the longer lasting it is being ideal for those who like to camp closer to home and with their families. Alternatively, comfortable rope or fabric based cotton hammocks provide a completely outdoor feel by being tied around two supporting structures (trees) that will surely provide a lazy and comfortable feel to your nature adventure.

BBQ Grill 

One of the best joys of camping outdoors is undoubtedly the food. Hunting for your own meals or getting the local produce requires the right grilling or BBQ equipment to prepare the best meal. Adding a small BBQ grill to your luggage will ensure that you can easily rely on yourself in the minimal surroundings by preparing and grilling meats, vegetables etc. with ease.

Love for the outdoors is not only revitalizing, it is an effective way of relieving stress. Learning about nature in order to add depth to the experience of enjoying a change of scenery from your daily life is rewarding within itself. It is always recommended to be carrying the right equipment and while finding the best camping accessories in Pakistan may seem a tedious process, there is always something to be gained in exploring the market. Finding the best offline or online retailer is worth it to experience the beauty of this country the way it is meant to be experienced.

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